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Happy Socksthe brand with colorful socks

Discover our wide selection of limited-edition socks, dress socks, sports socks and underwear for men, women and children. Happy Socks is much more than just socks!

It's the perfect gift for any occasion. From classic polka-dot and striped socks for Dad, to birthday and Christmas gifts for Mom in fun colors and patterns, there's a style for every occasion. Fun, trendy, cute, crazy: over 200 original Happy Socks sock designs bring color to your everyday life.

Happy SocksWe've been selling graphic socks worldwide since 2008.

Happy SocksThe brand is a high-quality sock that combines unique designs and expertise. The accessories brand was created by two friends: Mikael Söderlindh and Viktor Tell. Both had a vision vision: to spread happiness by transforming an everyday essential into a colorful designer garment. In 2008, socks were just socks. White, grey and black pieces of fabric that were anything but today's fashion accessory. But everything was about to change point.

Today, Happy Socks has reached 90 countries and every continent. With Concept Stores all over the world, from Los Angeles to Tokyo, Happy Socks can be found in over 10,000 fashion boutiques.

Creative minds meet. Over the years, we've worked with inspiring brands and personalities to create exclusive collections such as Keith Haring, The Beatles, Massacre Megan, Snoop Dogg, Disney, Bowie, Pipi Longstocking, Minecraft, and more.

Happy Socks 's coolest patterns include diamonds, animal, fruit, polka dot, food, faded diamond, graphic, symbol, stripe, circus, fantasy, optical, plain, floral, street food, nature, Halloween, heart, space, and many moreautres.

Happy Socks has been developing a wide range of patterns and models for many years: short socks, invisible socks, sockettes, sports socks, crew...

Match your Sneakers and your socks with Happy Socks

To have style right down to the tips of their toes, sneakers addicts are ready for anything, including "matching" their best pairs of Sneakers with their socks, not forgetting the pin roll to display the graphic design of their socks ;)

At Sneakin, we love the completely offbeat design of the models. It fits perfectly with the streetwear universe offered on our online store. We especially love the collaboration with Snoop Dogg, so swag!

The Happy Socks brand offers new ranges of accessories such as underwear and swimwear. Discover the pleasure of dressing in underwear from Happy Socks, with funky cashmeres, playful prints, bold and vibrant stripes and unique graphics. We've got something to match every facet of your personality! Happy Socks is available in a wide range of sizes, and always at the best price!