Bombers Originalthe trendy jacket brand

Discover the Bombers Original collection of jackets and blousons. The American brand par excellence. Wide choice of sizes and models ✓ Delivery rapide and best price guaranteed!
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Bombers Originalthe must-have brand for Bombers

From the military uniform to the fetish jacket of strong heads, the Bomber has been constantly reinterpreted without ever losing its superb look. A duty to memory that Bombers Original® met point has been proud to celebrate since its inception.

the eponymous brand offlight jackets has become a benchmark around the world, thanks to its timeless, must-have models. The Bombers Original clothing and jacket brand offers excellent value for money. That's why it's renowned the world over.

Bombers OriginalA historic brand for the U.S. Army

Since its creation in the 1950s, the iconic Bombers Original jacket has stood the test of time. Designed for technical rather than stylistic needs, the "MA-1" and "B15" models were initially developed for U.S. Navy and Air Force fighter pilots.

The characteristics of their genesis: warm to cope with bad weather both outside and inside an unheated cockpit, court to avoid discomfort on the ejector seatejector seat, lined with nylon orange to make it easier to spot in the event of a crash, and last but not least, with its famous zipp pocket on the sleeve to hold maps and pens. These "flight jackets" quickly became objects of desire.

Even today, the tradition of the flight jacket lives on, and it's still a popular fashion accessory for several generations. Thepopularity of the Bomber is still very strong. At point, even the most divergent cultures are infatuated with it, making it a marker of their identity.

Adopted by Mods and Vietnam veterans alike, as well as Hollywood's brightest stars such as James Dean, Tom Cruise in Top Gun and Steve McQueen, this jacket also made its entry into hip-hop thanks to Dr. Dre and 2Pac. A timeless jacket that will last through the years!

Buy a jacket Bombers Original

When you buy a flight jacket from Bombers Original, you're guaranteed a streamlined design, a quilted lining, a zipp pocket on the sleeve, and ribbing on the cuffs and waist. A magic formula thathas made this jacket a fashion icon to which Bombers Original ®remains faithful.

Model Original Men Black

The original, the pure - this is the bomber that's all about simplicity and sobriety, without forgetting style! Available in black, gray, bordeaux, taupe, red or navy blue, this men's jacket has something for everyone! Express your style and taste with this Bombers Original!

Latest collection Bombers Originals

Today, the brand plays the versatility card, juggling plain and camouflage, nylon and velvet, street-wear codes and sophistication. The Bombers Original brand reinvents itself with each passingseason, imagining characterful pieces that flirt with trends, while retaining the traditional details of Americanarmy-wear and work-wear.Each collection blends love and craftsmanship in models designed for everyone (even the little ones).

Once again this season, Bombers Original is expanding its offer to include most of the iconic models of the American army, in a revisited vintage version (aviator jackets, field jakets, deck jackets, parkas, etc.), where materials and finishes are always in harmony....) where materials and finishes are more than ever of the highest quality. And the Bombers Original® story has a long way to go.

Discover and choose the jacket best suited to your style, and benefit from the know-how and quality of the benchmark brand Bombers Original!