Clothing Deeluxe lifestyle and casual at the best prices

Men's collection Deeluxe. Men's clothing for all styles: Urban, Streetwear, Casual. Discover our T-shirts, Shirts, Sweats, Pullovers, Jackets, Jeans and Bermudas from Deeluxe.
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Deeluxeis a French family-owned company.

Deeluxe is a clothing brand lifestyle initially designed for men , created by two brothers from Marseilles in 2004. Jean-Michel and Laurent Sanchez are no strangers to the world of fashion and textiles, having grown up in the textile industry in the 90s. This is where their passion and know-how come from, and they soon decided to found Deeluxe, their own clothing brand.
The two brothers from Marseilles were inspired by the best in textiles, and were open to the fashions and trends of the various countries they had visited earlier in their lives. This is what brought modernity and a casual style unmatched by any other brand to France at the time of the brand's launch.Indeed, during their travels, particularly in Asia and the United States, but also extensively in Europe, they were inspired by clothing fashions to bring something new to France: Deeluxe, a lifestyle casual clothing brand with sportswear and Jeaner trends.

Deeluxe Men's clothing for all styles: Urban, Streetwear, Casual.

In the past, Deeluxe was a brand positioned more on sportswear clothing and although the French brand continues to offer collections sportswear, it has developed over the years and trends. Today, Deeluxe produces the very best in chic and casual ready-to-wear collections. Garments designed by Deeluxe are trendy, high-quality pieces that can be worn every day in almost any situation. As the French textile company evolved, the two brothers took the decisioncision to expand their ranges to include women's and children's wear.
Atorigine, the Deeluxe brand offered only a men's collection, and it was this collection that was at the heart of the brand's creation.origine In 15 years, the brand has become a must-have in men's lifestyle fashion. Over the years, Deeluxe has successfully juggled original urban collections from street basics to chic basics.

So, 5 years after its creation, Deeluxe Women was launched to reinvent the basics of the lifestyle women's clothing universe. The designers are busy imagining clothes with elegant, trendy curves to become the dream ally of " city-chic " women. The great advantage of this lifestyle women's clothing range is that it offers pieces to suit every woman's style.
The Deeluxe kids universe was created long afterwards, and today is one of the leading brands in children's fashion. The clothing offered by Deeluxe is in line with current trends in children's fashion, and features a streetwear and lifestyle collection. The Boy's collection is more street-inspired, while the Girl's collection is more lifestyle and chic.

The brand sets the standard for casual style and look.

Deeluxe is a clothing brand from lifestyle which met l'accent on the fact of proposing basic articles of very good quality, but especially comfortable clothing.Whether you're a man, a woman or a child, Deeluxe clothing will suit you at every moment of the day - it's your everyday friend!

Indeed, getting dressed doesn't have to be a headache every morning of the week, so the Marseilles-based brand offers fashion garments that allow you to be well-dressed with a casual and chic look look, while retaining the advantage of comfort that shouldn't be overlooked. Deeluxe has a relationship with textiles that translates into quality and casualness, and yes, the two can go hand in hand! This brand therefore allows you to maintain a pleasant and healthy contact with the textile material and, more globally, with the world of clothing.

Deeluxe Jeans an incredible offer at an affordable price

The modern man's wardrobe cannot exist without the flagship piece that is the Jeans.
Available in many cuts and colors, the Jeans is a timeless piece that adapts perfectly to everyone's style.

The jeans is suitable for everyone, whether you opt for skinny jeans, straight jeans or slim jeans.
Pair them with a pair of sneakers for a casual look, with a modern shirt and sneakers for a dressier look, or with a leather jacket for a rockier look.

The associations and combinations are numerous, which is why Deeluxe offers a wide range of jeans, all with a different finish for a different look.

Fashion trends lifestyle and comfort can be easily combined, thanks to precise cuts and premium materials. The monochrome colors used by the clothing brand are carefully chosen to accompany you with sobriety and elegance, but also to blend easily with the rest of your outfit.