Clothing Trends Le Coq Sportif for Men and Women

Discover the Le Coq Sportif clothing range? Le Coq Made in France is on Sneakin. We offer the latest in sportswear and lifestyle for all lovers of the French touch.

Discover a wide selection of Le Coq Sportif clothing: T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jackets and Trousers Jogging, for men, women and children, available in different sizes and at the best prices!

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Le Coq Sportif a French brand sportswear for 140 years

In his textile workshop, sports enthusiast Émile Camuset decided to make jersey shirts for his cycling, soccer and rugby friends. Without realizing it, he laid the foundations for a brand that would become mythical as the sporting epics it accompanied unfolded.

140 years later, le coq sportif is renowned for its expertise in sportswear, footwear and accessories. Their 140 years of experience in the world of sport have given them an inimitable competence, a true legitimacy.

The world of sport has always inspired the creation of their products. Creating products for top-level athletes has always been their challenge.

Sportswear and lifestyle Le Coq Sportif

Today, this esprit is still at the heart of their product philosophy. Their products are like their brand, simple and timeless, and have become the symbol of the LCS heritage (Le Coq Sportif).

Le Coq's fashion collections offer a resolutely sporty yet measured look andgant, made up of classic yet subtle colors.Patterns are somewhere between modern minimalism and retro simplicity, adding a welcome touch of vintage to any outfit.

This in-between style, completely in tune with the times, allows for real freedom in clothing. Coq Sportif garments, from t-shirts to sweatshirts zippé, often feature meticulous attention to detail and texture: felt-like yoke, leather logo, tricolor stitching...