Clothing streetwear Project X Paris at the best price

Discover the new jeans collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, ensembles and pants from Project X Paris. The streetwear clothing brand has been a must-have for many years!

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Project X Parisfrom 2015 to today.

The Project X Paris brand is a streetwear Made In France clothing brand created by two young French designers in 2015. The universe of this brand is porté on lifestyle as well as streetwear drawing inspiration from current urban trends. Projet X Paris is a young brand that first proved itself internationally as it managed to seduce the biggest fashion cities of globe such as London, Berlin, Dubai or Los Angeles before gaining a foothold in the French capital.

A benchmark brand for urban streetwear clothing.

Project X Paris is one of the leading French streetwear brands of the moment, and for good reason. Daring, innovative and modern, the French brand makes no secret of its style-rich influences from urban culture. The artistic direction and design of PXP collections are inspired by music and urban sports culture, which are now recognized and used without taboo in the international fashion world. A large part of the PXP community identifies with hip-hop culture and the authenticity represented by the brand. Indeed, the brand met promotes an "urban chic" signature through collections and collaborations featuring colorful, fluorescent and even baroque pieces. The brand is positioned streetwear, but with sportswear now part of everyday fashion, you'll also find a sporty touch on certain ensembles or t-shirts.

Project X Paris 's influence on fashion and the international scene

In 2020, Project X Paris has a strong influence on France and around the world, having been present at the biggest fashion shows, but also having collaborated with the most popular artists on the French and American hip-hop scene. These include French artists such as Gradur, SCH, Ninho and Koba lad, and international artists such as Chris Brown, 6ix9ine and Gunna. For each of its events, Project X Paris doesn't talk about collections, but only about collaborations, since the brand transmits the identity of the artist with whom it is collaborating. Inspired by urban culture and thanks to its opennessesprit, the brand is able to offer both basic and effective clothing, but also unique garments, which is one of its greatest strengths.

Knowing exactly how to make itself known and appreciated by its public, PXP has seen its popularity bar rise steadily since 2017. In particular, this has enabled it to reach the 300,000 Followers mark on the networks, as well as being present in all four corners of the world thanks to its 24 physical stores, 6 franchises and numerous resellers. It is also the only French brand streetwear in both the trade and retail sectors.

A French brand with a strong identity

Despite the internationalization of the brand, which is one of the reasons for its success, it is important for Project X Paris to convey French know-how and identity through its clothing streetwear. Indeed, all creations are conceived, invented and designed at France by the stylists, graphic designers and, of course, the artistic director. What's more, most of the French brand's photo shoots are carried out by PXP's skilled teams, so that the brand's values and identity can be passed on to its community.

A wide range of trendy streetwear clothing and accessories

Discover PXP's collections of trendy clothing for men and women. You'll find a wide range of clothing, from streetwear chic to hype cusual to sportswear. PXP is a creative, fast-fashion brand that offers its community new pieces and content every month. Whether in store, on the PXP website or on the brand's reseller sites, you'll find essential street outfits to make your own look urban. You'll find ranges of t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, jeans, jogging suits, jackets and coats from the brand's various collections and collaborations.