Schott Parkas, Doudounes, Jackets Bombers for Men and Women

Discover the new collection of down jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, bombers and perfecto from Schott NYC. The American brand lifestyle of clothing with biker designs, a must-have for many years!

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Schott NYC, a winterwear brand firmly rooted in fashion

Founded in 1913 by brothers Schott - Irving and Jack - at New York, Schott NYC is world-renowned for being the premier to produce a zippered jacket when creating the iconic Perfecto motorcycle jacket Schott. Famed for its horsehide leather construction, front belt, D-pocket, flap coin pocket, zippered sleeves and eyelashes, this motorcycle jacket is the perfect complement to any jacket.paulettes, this classic motorcycle jacket was a double-rider jacket, meaning that part of the front zipper was located a few centimeters inside. Once the zipper was up, this created a seal that prevented air from passing through when riding a motorcycle.

Schott NYC - Quality reference for jackets and down jackets

Also creating clothing for the US Army during World War II and for US law enforcement, Schott UK has become one of the most recognizable heritage designers in the world. This reputation is reinforced by the fact that the brand has regularly appeared on the silver screen, most notably when Marlon Brando port ered a Schott jacket in the 1953 film The Wild One. As the premier outlaw biker movie at the time, the black motorcycle jacket became synonymous with bad attitude and was banned from many American schools in the 1950s.

Still owned by the Schott family, Schott NYC remains true to its heritage, manufacturing the majority of its clothing in the USA.

Schott NYC - Clothing lifestyle or outdoor adaptable

Featuring some of this season's most sought-after jackets, the latest additions to our collection make your mouth water. The brand can be used as a premier tidy element in your office or weekend outfits. Featured pieces include a wide range of leather jackets and coats, including the Perfecto, Nebraska and Four Pocket Field silhouettes, which recall the brand's past while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. For optimum results that will continue throughout the season, pair selected jackets with a contemporary brand such as Emporio Armani or Jack & Joones for a trendy look.