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OTA "On The Asphalt" is a sustainable and responsible unisex sneakers brand. The unique sole is made from recycled tires that have already traveled globe. The sneaker is made to high quality standards in a workshop at Portugal, using leather fromItalie. Here's a sneaker with a minimalist, timeless design that's at once beautiful, eco-responsible and sustainable.

100% European production

The OTA brand has chosen to produce at Portugal, more precisely in a workshop located in the Guimarães region. The aim is to work in close collaboration with the production teams. High production standards and the use of noble materials such as Italian leather guarantee sneakers OTA optimum manufacturing quality. Behind this European initiative, the basketball brand wanted to offer an ethical sneaker, highlighting the human dimension behind each pair of shoes.

A quality leather sneaker

In our desire to create a sustainable sneaker, we turned to leather for its durability, and more specifically to cowhide fromItalie. We use this material not only for the outer shell, but also for the inner lining, to ensure the best possible quality and comfort. Leather is first and foremost a by-product of the meat and dairy industries, so making a sneaker with leather is in line with our desire to anchor the brand in recycling, reusing and valorizing waste.

Testing a sneaker made from 100% recycled materials

Another solution envisaged by OTA to offer a vegan and eco-responsible sneaker is currently being tested. The main material is 70% recycled rubber, combined with recycled plastic from the oceans. The inside of the sneaker is made entirely from recycled plastic, as are the laces. The aim is to offer a version of the shoe made entirely from recycled materials.