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How to choose the right size for children's shoes?

For their comfort, the size of their shoes is an important factor. Given how fast they grow, it's important to choose a larger size to enable them to wear their sneakers for as long as possible. This will also give them excellent toe mobility.

Which shoes should I choose for my baby?

This is a question that many parents ask themselves when a newborn arrives. We can distinguish three stages in his growth (a factor which plays a part in his choice of shoes):

  • Until he can really stand on his own two feet, it's not really necessary for him to wear shoes. However, we do recommend booties that provide protection from the cold and sun.

Small, light and flexible pairs will do the trick. In addition to the security they provide, these shoes will get him used to having something on his feet from an early age.

  • Durant During the first steps, we recommend leaving him barefoot as often as possible, for better muscle growth. However, for certain occasions it may be necessary to put sneakers on his feet.

We recommend models with soft soles and soft, light, well-ventilated uppers. They should also be perfectly fitted for maximum comfort.

Choose low-profile pairs so as not to impede his mobility and to provide him with an easy, stable port . It's worth noting that, from a point psychological point of view, wearing shoes can considerably boost his self-confidence and enable him to stand on his own two feet more quickly.

  • From the age of two, your little darling will start to have better support for his movements. At this point, you can offer him stronger shoes that provide both stability and comfort. Pairs should be breathable, supportive, have a wide, flexible toebox and non-slip soles.

Make sure there are no protruding seams inside, to avoid any kind of friction that could irritate his sensitive little skin.

The best children's shoes are on sneakin

Baby shoes for first steps

As mentioned above, durant from the first months of life through to her first steps, it's imperative that baby wears ultra-comfortable, flexible pairs of shoes. Take, for example, the Victoria 1915 English washed canvas girls' shoes with three-hole lacing. Perfectly supportive, they feature a cotton upper and insole to ensure a very pleasant feel on her sensitive skin.

Flexible and breathable, they allow your feet to move naturally, keeping them cool and dry all day long. Soft, grippy rubber soles provide stability and comfort at port.

You can also find similarautres models, such as Victoria 1915 toile scratch sneakers, adidas gazelle baby sneakers, tribu canvas sneakers scratch kids Victoria tribu toile, kids shoes 1915 mercedes toile, kids shoes Victoria 1915 mercedes toile teintée, kids shoes Victoria ojala mercedes and many moreautres.

Junior shoes

When your child starts to grow up, you can finally offer him shoes identical to the sportwear and lifestyle models for adults. However, it's important to make sure your child's shoes are as comfortable as possible.

Choose pieces with soft interiors and breathable uppers. We particularly recommend Asics Gel-Quantum 180 5 Gs children's shoes, on which we are offering a 24% discount. Featuring a 3D upper, these children's sneakers have an intuitive adjustment system to guarantee a personalized feel, natural foot movement and a high-performance locking system for optimum comfort at port.

The GELTM technology integrated into the midsole provides exceptional cushioning for an easy port every time. You can also getautres pairs such as children's shoes Asics Gel-Quantum 360 5, kid sneakers adidas originals Continental 80, kid sneakers adidas Originals Superstar, sneakers junior Hummel stadil pro at special prices.

We also offer you the brand-new adidas Originals Stan Smith kids' shoes, Saucony shadows original girls' shoes, Reebok XT Sprinter Alt girls' shoes, adidas Originals Ozweego kids' shoes, Saucony jazzoriginal kids' shoes and many moreautres.

If your child is passionate about football, we've also got a few pairs of soccer shoes that are perfectly identical to those port worn by their idols: kids' shoes adidas Predator Freak. FxG and children's shoes adidas Copa Sense.4 FxG,etc.