Women's Sport Pants

Discover on sneakin the latest trends in women's pants to enhance your look: jeans leggings , pantacourt. Browse our extensive collection to find the fashion pieces that best suit ta. All women's fashion trends are on Sneakin at the best prices!

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A wide selection of women's pants in all styles on special offer

Available in a wide variety of cuts to suit all tastes and needs , pants are now an essential part of a woman's wardrobe.

These comfortable, easy-to-wear women's garments are especially appreciated for their ability to adapt to any occasion.

Need a new pair of pants to create a trendy outfit? On our online boutique, women's pants come in all styles to satisfy your preferences and fashion desires.

Whether you're looking for dressy or casual pants, you're sure to find unique pieces that meet your expectations in terms of quality.

Pants jeans and women's dress pants for your daily adventures; women's straight pants and women's chino pants to bring elegance to ta outfit, flowing pants and women's chino pants for a chic and stylish look; women's pantacourts and cargo for the more daring, and much more.

The choice is as vast as the different possibilities they offer look.

Explore our selection and enjoy a wide choice of branded women's pants at the best prices on Sneakin.

Depending on your needs, you'll find the perfect pair of chic women's pants to create a look that's just like you: sober or original, plain or patterned, wide-leg or close-fitting.

To help you find your style when buying women's pants online, our collection includes several available sizes.

Treat yourself to the best in women's fashion with these brands that are sure to make you fall in love: Compagnie de Californieadidas Originals, ONLY, Lee Jeans . And for convenient online shopping, we offer a reliable rapide delivery service. What a pleasure!

How to choose the right cut of women's jeans? Sizes, cuts, morphology, wash...

Timeless and timeless, women's jeans pants are a piece that lends itself to a wide variety of styles. jeans is available in a range of cuts to suit ta silhouette.

If you're slimmer and have longer legs, jeans slim or skinny pants are best suited to you. Those with generous thighs will opt for a straight-cut jeans, or a pair of flare jeans that flare out at the bottom. With their wide, comfortable fit, boyfriend jeans adapt to all body types, whether you're curvy or slim.

In our online store, we have a wide range of jeans pants made from soft, comfortable stretch materials.

Find all the latest jeans fashions from top brands like Lee and Jack and Jones.

How to choose and what pants and jeans to wear according to your morphology

To enhance your curves, we advise you to choose models with a close-fitting cut.

Women's slim-fit pants and skinny pants are an excellent choice if you have this type of morphology. Women'sleggings are also a more comfortable alternative, as their materials are often light and stretchy.

Tall, slim women

Long, slim women are spoilt for choice. If you fall into this category, women's wide-leg pants like the jeans bootcut and boyfriend are for you. Choose low-rise models, which will bring out ta your silhouette by adding volume at the hips. For shoes, opt for a heel of less than 5 cm for a chic look or flat sandals for the summer season.

Petite women with generous curves

If you're short but have generous thighs and hips, you can opt for women's cigarette pants or jeans regular.

Models with a slight flare in the calf area will balance out ta your figure. Avoid wearing jeans skinny pants, which put theaccent emphasis on thighs.

Tall women with curves

If you have this type of body shape, it's best to opt for a straight cut that follows the shape of your legs, without looking too tight.

High-waisted women's pants are perfect for those with a rounded tummy. Opt for dark or solid colors to refine ta silhouette and hide small flaws.

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