The beanie: a trendy accessory

More than just an accessory to protect you from the cold, a men's or women's hat is the finishing touch to your style this winter.

Winter sports enthusiasts need the right clothing to keep them comfortable. And that's exactly what a beanie is all about! Find trendy men's hats, men's hats, women's hats, black hats or pom-pom hats from brands like New Era, Mitchell & Ness, Jack and Jones. All at unbeatable prices !

Discover the latest collection of hats for men and women. Wide choice of sizes and colors, and the best price guaranteed!

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The beanie: to stay cool and fashionable

At Sneakin, we believe that choosing a hat is a serious matter! That's why we offer hundreds of models: lapel hats for a trendy look, crew hats for a more street style, or pompom fur hats to add a touch of chic to your outfit.

Most of our models are available in a range of colors. But a hat isn't just about style, it's also about comfort when temperatures drop. We've selected wool hats, or hats lined with fleece for maximum comfort and softness. See also our selection of summer hats !

High-quality products

In cold weather, sportsmen and women (and non-sportsmen and women) need to protect their vulnerable heads. To prevent heat loss, winter hats are recommended. That's why renowned brands such as New Era, Mitchell & Ness and Jack and Jones offer top-quality hats. If you're on a budget, you can rest easy knowing that these products are available on our site at excellent value for money.

Dual-purpose products

Which hats to choose for winter outings?

A fashionable accessory, the beanie can be used not only for winter sports, but also for look streetwear . If you're a baseball, basketball or soccer fan, there's nothing like a team hat. For example, you can opt for a New York Yankees or a Los Angeles beanie!

At cas où the temperature would be at its lowest, it is advisable to take wool hats to ensure your comfort. Such is the case with New Era! For street style, the white NBA 20 City Off Knit Los Angeles Lakers or the black Essential Oakland Raiders will do the trick. Don't wait to take advantage of our sales on these exceptional items.

For a more personalized style, you can opt for an embroidered cap! And if your little ones want to accompany you on your outings, no problem, because we also have children's hats. Our winter hats will help keep their little heads and ears as warm as possible.

Choose from divers colors and patterns! If you're not sure, take our New Era Minnie Mouse Disney Character Knitchildren's hat . You're in luck: this children's hat is currently available at a very low price.

Do you follow sports closely in Uncle Sam's country? Do you support New York Yankees or Los Angeles? Well, our New York Yankees and Los Angeles hats are available at mini prices. At the same time, take the opportunity to buy embroidered hats and trendy wool hats . Get yourself these reliable, hard-wearing products.

Choosing the right hat for your face

Whether you're a man or a woman, it's important to select your hat according to the shape of your face. If you've got an oval face, you're a lucky man, because you can get away with anything!

Do you have a round face? Forget high-cut cups with pom-poms, ll which will further emphasize your facial features! A cup court would suit you better. If your face is more square, a cup worn slightly to one side will soften the features. And for those with a slim face, a simple cap with no lapels will be welcome.

But whatever your face shape, you're sure to find the model that's right for you in our new 2021 collection. Our online store is the best way to shop for new men's hats.

How to wear a winter hat in style?

Obviously, winter hats are made for casual looks! If you want to go for a chic look, you can wear a pair of slim-fit chino pants or a bomber, for example. You can also wear a round sweater or a collared tee-shirt. Need someideas for men's looks? We're here to advise you! If you want to look 100% streetwise at look, choose sneakers or sneakers.

Looking for a trendy men's hat? Apart from size M/L, we have various sizes available. Not sure which model to choose? Take the Basic from Jack & Jones or the Pinscript from Mitchell & Ness.

These high-quality products are now available at unbeatable prices! In just a few clicks, you'll also have access to trendy caps to complete your look. For every purchase made, we can guarantee delivery rapide.