Clothing Columbia Outdoor for men and women

Discover the latest collection of technical clothing and outdoor from the Columbia brand. Columbia products use the latest manufacturing technologies and innovative fabrics to guarantee optimum comfort.

Browse a wide range of men's jackets, parka, down jackets and insulated garments in trendy prints and colors!

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For over 80 years, the Columbia brand has been a benchmark in fashion. Outdoor

Columbia was founded in Portland in 1938, and has since become a leading brand on the global outdoor and lifestyle apparel markets. The Columbia brand is also a benchmark in terms of footwear design, accessories and equipment outdoor.

Columbia has always remembered its original purpose and roots, from its beginnings as a small family hat company to the international giant it is today.

Indeed, its aim has always been the same: to keep outdoor adventure lovers warm, dry and cool, even in the wilderness, no matter what, and all this while remaining a humble brand. "It's perfect. Now make it better. "It's perfect, now make it better" is a famous quote from Columbia's emblematic CEO Gert Boyle, demonstrating the brand's determination and ambition to always deliver a top-quality product.

Present throughout the world, the brand is renowned for the quality and performance of its products, and has gained an international reputation as a result. Outdoor enthusiasts benefit from the highest levels of protection during their adventures, thanks in particular to the integration of innovative technologies and new features that adapt to their different needs.

The optimal comfort guaranteed by Columbia products makes Outdoor activities enjoyable, while keeping look fashionable.

Perfect balance between Lifestyle and Outdoor Columbia

In terms of know-how and expertise in the manufacture of clothing, footwear outdoor and design lifestyle, the American brand Columbia has nothing left to prove with its wide range of technical products perfect not only for mountaineering or hiking, but also for optimal comfort in town.

Indeed, lovers of style in all regions of globe can go hand in hand with lovers of comfort. Columbia therefore offers its consumers a perfect blend and balance between fashion lifestyle and comfort outdoor with highly polished designs, materials and colors. So it's not hard to imagine fashion lovers matching their urban and trendy look with Columbia products to complete their lifestyle outfit.

The outdoor brand offers a wide range of high-quality, designer clothing and accessories, including fleece vests, windproof jackets, sweatshirts, rain jackets, long-sleeved t-shirts, pants cargo, hats and caps.

On the other hand, the Columbia brand has a wide range of clothing specialized in specific sports and activities, and is often a benchmark in the field.

Winter sports fans, for example, can be sure to find something to satisfy their desires in the brand's specialized outdoor products, with a wide collection of jackets, ski pants and fleeces for men, women and children. Choose from a wide range of colorful designs, while keeping your head and hands snugly wrapped up in gloves and hats.

Proof of their great diversity and Columbia 's willingness to venture beyond their comfort zone, the brand also offers a wide range of summer products: t-shirts, caps, shorts, pantacourts, as well as sandals, flip-flops and sneakers to face even the hottest days with confidence.

Columbia has many assets

In addition to its reputation for high-quality products, the company's products also stand out for their durability and comfort. The Columbia teams are committed to mission designing technical, fashionable and high-performance garments, since innovation is a top priority for the brand. innovations allow nature lovers to go further and longer, whatever the conditions.

Columbia is committed to supporting its loyal customers and winter sports enthusiasts with high-quality products designed to enhance athletes' performance. Columbia offers functional products, always on the lookout for the latest trends and combining style and practicality that will appeal to all âges.