Faguo Recycled clothing for men and women - New Collection

FAGUO is a French brand of ethical clothing and footwear. FAGUO clothes are made from a combination of ecological and sustainable materials. FAGUO 1 piece made, 1 tree planted. 100% of CO2 emissions offset!
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Faguo a french brand committed to fighting climate change

A pioneer from the outset, FAGUO measures its CO2 emissions with a carbon footprint, reduces them by using recycled materials, and offsets the remaining emissions by planting a tree for every piece it makes.

Transparent in all its activities, FAGUO accompanies its generation towards healthier modes of clothing by encouraging, for example, second-hand and repair.

Transparent, responsible manufacturing in Vietnam, Chine and South America Portugal

Conceived and designed in France, with priority given to the choice of recycled materials.

Artistic direction inspired by the ongoing quest for our true nature: resolutely urban and constantly in search of meaning outside the city: in the forest, in the mountains, on the coast... at the heart of what the planet has to offer.

This linkunion between city and nature is reflected in our aesthetic choices, not only in materials but also in cuts and colors.

Sneakers & Sneakers Faguo

From casual sneakers to sneakers with a variety of sporty and retro inspirations, including a range dedicated to women. The Hazel, Willow, Ceiba and Cypress models are manufactured in a transparent, BSCI-certified manner in Vietnam. Material:

  • Recycled polyester (Global Recyled Standard)
  • Polyester
  • Recycled cotton (Global Recyled Standard)
  • Cotton
  • Leather (from Gold Certified tanneries Leather Working Group)
  • Recycled leather
  • Natural rubber
  • Recycled natural rubber

City shoes Faguo

Contemporary styling to complement an urban silhouette. Transparent manufacturing at Portugal. The leathers used come from Gold Certified tanneries Leather Working Group. Materials used: Leather, Recycled leather, Natural rubber, Recycled natural rubber.


A complete men's wardrobe whose emissions are reduced and fully offset.

Transparent, BSCI-certified manufacturing at Chine.

75% of FAGUO garments are made from recycled materials.

Their materials :

  • Recycled cotton (Global Recyled Standard certified)
  • Organic cotton (GOTS certified)
  • Cotton
  • Recycled polyester (Global Recyled Standard certified)
  • Polyester
  • Linen
  • Wool

Faguo a range of luggage and accessories

Several ranges of luggage to get you around town and out in nature. 100% of FAGUO luggage is made from recycled materials

Faguo 5 commitments to the planet

The Faguo brand is renowned for planting a tree for every piece it makes. Nearly 2 million trees in 300 forests FAGUO in France by Naudet PÉPINIÈRES. With Faguo you make the choice of healthier clothing. Here are their commitments:

  1. Measuring our CO2 emissions
  2. Reduce our CO2 emissions
  3. Offset our CO2 emissions
  4. Accompany our generation towards healthier clothing choices
  5. Be transparent on the life of products

Faguo in "Upcucling" mode for a transparent ethical approach

600,000 tons of clothing and 300,000 pairs of shoes are jet produced every year at France. Producing a new material every time we create new pieces is therefore not a viable model.

The Faguoengage brand is committed to making 80% of its products from recycled materials. Using recycled materials emmet 40% to 99% less CO2 than traditional materials.

A pioneer in CO2 reduction throughout the entire life cycle of its parts, FAGUO supports all its customers in their efforts to use recycled materials more effectively.

Did you know? To manage the end-of-life of parts, a FAGUO recycling terminal is available in all our stores. This is an approach that we at Sneakin particularly like.

As a pioneering brand, FAGUO is 60% more positive for people and the planet than the average brand in its sector.