Compensated shoes Buffalo and Fashion sneakers

The shoe brand Buffalo London is available on Sneakin. Find all the latest sneaker models Buffalo on our online store: London, Classic, High Platform, Chai & Cai, and the trendy Corin.

All Buffalo platform sneakers, for men, women and children, are available in different sizes, many colors and always at the best price!

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Add a touch of originality to your feet with Buffalo London

Since its creation in 1979, Buffalo London has been one of the leading names in footwear. Its commitment to bright colors and modern designs, as well as its distinctive platforms, have set it apart from the competition.

The key lies in the perfect combination of aesthetics and performance that its models reveal. This balance, so difficult to achieve, makes them attractive items that are hard to resist, especially when you're demanding when it comes to fashion.The most alternative style and the most avant-garde fashion are at Buffalo London. A shoe brand designed for non-conformists who know exactly what they want.

Its bold designs, which take the latest urban fashion trends to the extreme, will delight lovers of the most striking aesthetics. With Buffalo London, you'll make your mark with every step you take.

More shoes Buffalo, for every occasion and every place

Buffalo shoes prove that sometimes elegance lies not only in the design of the shoe, but also in the details and embellishments used in the manufacturing process. The Buffalo shoe is represented by the use of high-quality materials, also benefiting from the use of elements that give Buffalo shoes the necessary to arouse Sneakin's interest.

  • Loafers: wear with pants.
  • High boots: ideal for rainy weather.
  • Ballerinas: for strolling or going to work.

Booties, with or without laces, have a strong personality. Some opt for buckles, othersautres for zippers, and in some models, a block heel is incorporated.

A guarantee of quality with a selection of the finest materials

Your feet take you everywhere, and it's important to dress them as they deserve. Items in the Buffalo London catalog are made from high-quality fabrics and materials, such as natural leather, making them soft and comfortable to wear. What's more, the meticulous manufacture of the soles of all our models guarantees you secure footing in all circumstances.

If you love colorful patterns, don't miss this opportunity. Add a bold touch to your look and revitalize your old jeans with one of our sneakers, or pick up a spectacular pair of flip-flops and fill your summer wardrobe with color.

You already know: you can trust Buffalo for every occasion. Depending on the event or what you'll be doing on the day, consult your wardrobe. Sneakin will fill it for you so you know what to choose.