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Cabin suitcases, men's suitcases, expandable suitcases, suitcases with wheels... Choose the equipment that suits you best from our wide range of low-cost suitcases. Find a selection of high-quality suitcases and travel bags at unbeatable prices on sneakin. The best accessories at the best price!

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Our selection of suitcases for worry-free travel

For all travelers, a suitcase is the ideal companion for transporting personal belongings in complete safety. More robust than a cloth travel bag, this equipment is also appreciated for its practicality. When it comes to luggage, there's a wide range of models to suit every need: cabin suitcases, hold suitcases and large-size suitcases.

Looking for a reliable, quality suitcase for your next trip? Check out our online store for a wide selection of inexpensive suitcases from leading brands Herschel and Eastpack. Featuring durable rigid shells, these models are designed to safely protect your belongings and autres fragile items you want to take with you.

In addition to their great sturdiness, these travel cases have a compact shape and ample storage space for your essentials. ta For air travel, our Herschel suitcases meet the size standards authorized by all major airlines. Equipped with a wheel system and handles with 2 retractable rods, they'll get you around with comfort and ease.

Whether you're looking for a hard-wearing suitcase, an expandable cabin bag, or a trendy suitcase with excellent value for money, you're sure to find the model that best suits your habits and expectations. Visit our online shop regularly to make sure you don't miss out on our airplane suitcase promotions and sales.

How to choose your suitcase

Material, design quality, handling, lightness, after-sales guarantee... These are just some of the points to check to find the ideal suitcase to accompany you on your travels or expeditions. Here are our tips for finding the best suitcase to meet your needs.

Weight and sturdiness

Weight is an important factor to consider when choosing a suitcase. It largely depends on the material used in its design. While aluminum and ABS suitcases are fairly heavy, models made from polypropylene are lighter yet sturdier. Some brands also offer featherweight models made from nylon ballistic, which have the advantage of being both resistant and durable.

The EastpakTransverz suitcase, made from water-resistant nylon 800D, is an excellent choice if you're looking for a model that combines lightness and sturdiness. Samsonite is also a benchmark brand in the world of travel equipment, with its range of suitcases designed in Curv: a highly resistant and ultra lightweight material.


Whether you need to buy a hard or soft suitcase, it must meet important criteria such as practicality and comfort, while being functional to enjoy quality equipment. The best practical suitcases have the advantage of being easy to carry, and feature a spacious, ingenious compartment to organize all the things you want to take with you. Some models also feature zipp exterior pockets for storing shoes and otherautres items. If you need more storage space, we recommend an expandable suitcase.

The design

More than just a functional type of travel bag, the suitcase models offered by luggage manufacturers feature an increasingly trendy design to combine style and practicality. At Herschel, both cabin and large suit cases are available in a wide choice of colors to meet your style expectations. If you prefer trendy suitcases, you'll find them in colors like yellow, orange or rose, whatever the size you're looking for.

What size suitcase?

Capacity is an essential criterion when choosing ta suitcases. The size of your suitcase depends above all on the type of trip you're planning, and in particular the length of your stay.

Suitcase for a court stay

For a court stay, a cabin suitcase 40 to 56 cm high will do the trick if you want to travel light. Ideal for trips lasting a few days, this practical type of suitcase lets you carry the essentials without having to check them in the hold.

Suitcase for a long trip

If you're planning a vacation lasting several weeks, we recommend an XXL suitcase. With dimensions of 86.5 x 46 x 29 cm and a capacity of 92 L, the Herschel Trade Large hard-shell suitcase is an excellent choice for long trips.