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Discover the new collection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and pants from Gant. The urban clothing brand lifestyle has been a must-have for many years.

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Gant - A fashion brand with a strong heritage

Gant is one of the world's best-known luxury sports and leisurewear brands. The story of this brand, founded in 1949, began at the beginning of the 20th century when Bernard Gantmacher arrived at New York fromUkraine. With no means of support, he began working nights in Manhattan's fashionable Lower East Side to pay for his pharmacy studies. He began sewing shirt collars, proving to be a great specialist, and in the same company he met his future wife, a seamstress specializing in buttons and buttonholes.

In 1927, thirteen years after their arrival at New York, the Gantmachers moved to New Haven, Connecticut, one of the centers of the textile industry at the time. Here, they set up a business operating as a subcontractor for the manufacture of shirts forautres brands. The quality of their products soon made them trusted partners for some prestigious companies, and to ensure that the quality of the shirts was always the same, they decided to mark the garments with the symbol of a diamond in the shape of a "G". They soon became known as nom "G-shirts" and demand outstripped production capacity.

GantThe best shirts gave way to casual wear and sportswear luxury clothing.

The Second World War brought the company to a standstill, as Bernard Gantmacher and his two sons, Marty and Elliot, went to the front until the end of the war and their return home, where they decided to create their own brand: Gant. In 1949, the two brothers joined the family business. The Gant shirts were an immediate success, thanks in particular to an important feature: buttons on the collar. Although this innovation originated inorigine England, Gant was the first brand to introduce it on a large scale in the United States.

Bernard's dedication and his sons' quality and sense of aesthetics were the winning formula. In the years that followed, Gant continued to introduce innovations, consolidating its position as a favorite brand of young people and teenagers and establishing it as a benchmark in the world of shirts. In the 1960s, it became the second-largest producer mondial of this type of garment, but in 1967 the family decided to sell the company, which changed hands over the following years.

In the 1980s, a Swedish company bought the whole of Gant, marking the beginning of the international expansion of the lifestyle clothing brand. Today, Gant offers not only shirts, but also men's, women's, youth and children's clothing, fragrances, eyewear and accessories.

Men's clothing from Gant, both casual and urban

If you're looking for a classic look, one of their shirts or a sweater, as well as chinos and loafers, will do the trick. On the other hand, their sweatshirts, T-shirts and coats will give you a casual yet elevated lookgant .

Men's clothing from Gant brings together the most casual and functional sportswear style with the most distinguished and in-demand urban style. The result is a veritable showcase of fashion and trends, where every man can choose his wardrobe essentials for a wide range of activities. Sweatshirts and T-shirts, for example, go perfectly with traditional shirts, chino pants or knitted sweaters. Whether you opt for a sporty look or streetwear, finding a customized wardrobe is no longer a problem. Our Sneakin online boutique selects for you the best clothes from a brand that has managed to reconcile theesprit sporty with the urban avant-garde. Discover Gant.