Inspiration is at Wrangler every day, and they're constantly looking for new ways to improve. They use this inspiration and motivation to develop new clothing collections just for you!

Wrangler is one of the three pioneers of denim, along with Lee and Levi's. Discover a wide selection of clothing and Jeans Wrangler for men and women, available in different sizes and at the best prices!

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Wrangler jeans & denim for men and women

In 1947, Blue Bell, which had acquired Wrangler a few years earlier, established the brand as a major player in the denim industry. With the cowboy cut of its jeans, Wrangler was a great success, popularizing the brand with the public.

Discover these new collections, as well as the trends and movements that inspired them, or browse our new products for men and women.

The brand's image, strongly linked to the world of rodeo, also helped Wrangler to make a name for itself. Indeed, rodeo stars were to wear its pants. Building on this success, Wrangler now offers a wide range of clothing for both men and women. The jeans Wrangler range is, of course, renowned for the quality of its denim and its trendy cuts.

Keeping up with fashion, the brand also offers vestes and coats Wrangler , skirts, tee-shirts, sweaters, shirts and accessories like belts, bonnets or scarves.

Wrangler is the perfect way to ensure a complete, high-quality wardrobe all year round.