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Bons Baisers de Paname the French women's fashion brand with Parisian inspiration

In 2016, French shoe and accessories designer Isabelle Ye had the idea to take up the challenge of reinventing the legendary image of the Parisienne woman through bright, playful, fun and colorful shoes. A few sketches and a collection later, Bons Baisers de Paname was born. Founder Isabelle learned her trade with haute couture brands, and today her collections are all designed in her design studio in the third arrondissement of Paris.

sneakers Bons Baisers de Paname for women with a strong personality

Bons Baisers de Paname sneakers are aptly described as "created to be port eated the way you would write a postcard - instinctively, with a smile, thinking of all the things you really love". Bons Baisers de Paname sneakers are exactly that too, a combination of everything we all love. There's shimmer, glitter, animal print and all the colors you could want.

Women's shoes in the image of Parisian romance!

Fresh and with details to fall in love with, Bons Baisers de Paname shoes convey a joyful atmosphere and make us feel truly beautiful. Their iconic red lips are a singular, colorful declaration of love. Inspired by the romantic "je ne sais quoi" and elegant of Paris that she loves so much, Isabelle imagines shoes with a fun, whimsical touch, for women who don't take themselves too seriously.

Sneakers are a collection apart, and our Sneakin online boutique is full of lace-up and velcro sneakers, all finished with different colors, texts and illustrations. The brand even offers a sneaker collection in collaboration with Barbie. Yes, Barbie!

Fashion for free, fulfilled women

Designed for women who don't take themselves too seriously, their shoes are made for dancing, afternoon strolls and running around town (whether in Paris or elsewhere!). If, like many of us, you've spent years looking for the perfect pair of white sneakers to wear with both floral mini-skirts and cropped jeans, you just might find it here.

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