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Burlington the fashionable and trendy sock brand

Whether you're a woman, a man or a sports enthusiast, you're bound to find what you're looking for with the Burlington sock brand. The brand has been offering a wide range of products for decades. For women, the flagship models are low socks, knee-highs, toe protectorsges and, of course, anti-perspiration sports socks.

For men, socks in the traditional argyle pattern - the famous rhombus with a large square - are the flagship models. Recently, sports socks and King Size models have been selling very well.

BurlingtonSocks with the traditional argyle pattern (diamond with a large square)

Deeply rooted in British history, the Burlington sock brand is renowned for its traditional argyle pattern. The famous lozenge with the large square, recognizable by all.

Did you know?

As early as the 18th century, the most powerful of all Scottish clans, the Campbells of Argyll, imposed the pattern on their socks. This singular, striking style is part of an exclusive lifestyle that has won unanimous acclaim the world over. British style has taken over the international scene, playing with tradition.

Whether it's an argyle pattern or a trendy product, seasonal items or festive socks - Burlington knows how to combine every mood, every style and every occasion.

The Burlington brand stands for products that are in tune with the times, thanks to creative patterns and a multitude and intensity of colors. Over the years, the brand has been at theorigine forefront of many fashion phenom enes and modern looks. Burlington owes its originality and distinctiveness to the rivets Burlington.

New socks collection Burlington

The new spring/summer collection from Burlington combines the brand's traditional values and origins with the virtual world.

Bold colors and unusual textures transform classics into new classics for the digital age.

The collection's three sub-themes: Offline Hackers, Arcade Heroes and Hypernatural Reality play with digital filters, cybernetic frames and futuristic designs.

We're delighted to present a collection that blurs the boundaries between online and offline.

To sum up, Burlington is a sock with character, combining a strong personality with an incomparable look.

In previous seasons, the Burlington brand has multiplied its collaborations with shops and boutiques sneakers. The result is a new vision for the brand, much to the delight of sneakers addicts. And as you know, matching socks to sneakers is a growing trend in recent years.

Here are some of the best collaborations:

  • Burlington X 43einhalb X Nike
  • Burlington X Overkill
  • Burlington X Patta

Quality, the watchword of Burlington

Since 2008, under the aegis of the traditional FALKE brand, quality has been constantly perfected and the sock trend is constantly evolving. Burlington products are made from the finest European materials.

" ONE SIZE FITS ALL", an original concept by Burlington

Thanks to the " ONE SIZE FITS ALL" sizing concept, Burlington socks fit every shape of foot and make a great gift idea. This simple, useful concept makes it easy to choose. Sizes 36-41 are available for ladies, while gentlemen can choose between 40-46 and 46-50.