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The history of the sports shoe brand Onitsuka Tiger

Returning from the war in 1945, Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka founded ONITSUKA Shokai in Kobe in 1949. In the same year, the company was reorganized under nom as ONITSUKA Co., Ltd.

Later, the company's nom is changed to ASICS, an acronym for the Latin phrase "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" derived from the original "mens Sana in corpore sano", in other words: "a healthy esprit in a healthy body ", these words make a deep impression on Mr. Onitsuka, inspiring his dedication to the manufacture of sports footwear with the aim of nurturing healthy young people through sport.

Did you know? The first sports shoes manufactured by ONITSUKA Co., Ltd. were basketball shoes-ball.

At the time, basketball shoes-ball were considered the most difficult sports shoes to manufacture, but Mr. Onitsuka believes that "if he can overcome a high hurdle at the beginning, he can continue to overcomeautres hurdles as well".

Mr. Onitsuka gave prototypes of his shoes to the players of one of the biggest basketball clubsball of the time, where the shoes were tested and perfected several times, until the release of the premier model in the spring of 1950.

1953 Launch of ONITSUKA Marathon TABI shoes

1953 saw the launch of the ONITSUKA Marathon TABI, based on the traditional indoor "tabi" shoe still port worn at sports events at Japon. The Marathon Tabi running shoe has all the features required for marathon running, including rubber soles, a durable upper material and a suspension band.

The same year sees the launch of Tiger's MARUP shoe, designed specifically for marathon relay races. This shoe is adapted to the marathon running style, which requires speed and endurance. The shoe is designed to reduce fatigue during long-distance races. The upper is made of vinylon, a material three times more resistant than cotton and which prevents feet from sweating, and the shoe has a heel sponge.

ONITSUKA: a wide variety of sports shoes developed for global expansion

In addition to marathon and wrestling shoes, several autres categories of sports shoes are being developed, including gymnastics shoes, soccer cleats, fencing shoes and volleyball shoes, and many athletes are gradually beginning to adopt them. ONITSUKA marathon shoes were port adopted by several medal-winning athletes at the International Marathon (1964).

The Mexico line appears on the shoes Onitsuka Tiger

In 1966, after an internal design competition, the Mexico line (today's ASICS stripes) was introduced. Later, this design would come to represent ONITSUKA TIGER, ASICSTIGER, and all ASICS shoes.

Onitsuka Tiger 's iconic sneakers: the Mexico 66 shoe

Japanese footwear pioneer Kihachiro Onitsuka created the brand's most iconic model, the MEXICO 66™ over 50 years ago. A cult favorite from the moment it was launched, and now for several decades, the Onitsuka Tiger MEXICO 66 shoe is one of Onitsuka Tiger's most popular models.

The premier model, designed exclusively for the Japanese team, began life strictly as a sports shoe. Over the years, it has evolved into its modern form, synonymous with a new era in footwear.

The MEXICO 66 SLIP-ON's lightweight styling and versatile design make it ideal for all day activities. Now even the youngest children can show off their athleisure style to compete with the bigger kids, as smaller models designed for smaller feet have been created.

The Mexico separates from traditional laces in favor of an elastic instep band, which is an advantage for even the most energetic of toddlers, who can now quickly put it on and take it off. Ortholite® soles provide all-day support and optimal ventilation.

Like the TIGER SERRANO™,and the TIGER CORSAIR , the MEXICO 66™ is the most famous model in the Onitsuka Tiger collection.

The Mexico 66 is available in both single and multi-colored models. So you can match this trendy sports sneaker to your different styles. This model is a traditional shoe, but it has been adapted for a modern look, while preserving all its quality.

You'll find the classic heel flap and a thin, flexible sole that offers unlimited freedom of movement on both the MEXICO 66™ SD and the original MEXICO 66™, giving them a contemporary look.

Since the 1960s, this iconic silhouette has porté the Onitsuka Tiger brand at the forefront of retro-inspired sports footwear, highlighting clean lines and classic details for a sober, iconic style.

Over time, the various Mexico 66 models have gained in flexibility, comfort and durability. The MEXICO 66™ is timeless, allowing for evolution beyond its origins while taking into account the heritage of this trendy sneaker.

Today, a wide choice of models, including laceless variants like the MEXICO 66™ PARATY and slip-on models like the MEXICO 66™ Slip-Ons are available now on Sneakin.co.uk

With these new versions, comfort and design are on the agenda and meeting with great success among fans of the Nipponese brand, as well as Sneakers Addict. If you're a fan of high-end designs, take a look at the "'Nippon Made' range. "

Last but not least, if you have children, Onitsuka Tiger is a big hit in school playgrounds. As with adults, the MEXICO 66 model is the most popular, especially the white model with blue and red stripes.